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Area is the quantity or amount of space a two-dimensional figure takes up. In other words, it is the quantity that determines how many unit squares cover the surface of a closed shape. In general, square units such as square feet, square inches,  etc. are used actually as the standard unit of area. Through practical questions and examples, let's learn how and where to calculate the areas of various geometric shapes.

What Is the Meaning of Area?

An empty surface is what the word "area" refers to. A shape's area can be calculated using its length and width. The units used to measure length are unidimensional and include yards (yd), feet (ft),  inches (in), etc. The area of a shape, however, can only be calculated in two dimensions. As a result, it is expressed in square units such as square inches (in2), square yards (yd2), square feet (ft2), etc. Corners and edges are present on the majority of items and forms. When computing the area of a certain form, the width and length of these edges are taken into account.

Area of Geometric Shapes - Formula

Every shape has unique measurements and calculations. The list of formulas for calculating the area of various forms can be found in the table below.

# Name of Shape Area of Shapes - Formula
1 Square Area of a square = x2 square units
2 Rectangle Area of a rectangle = length × width
= l x w square units
3 Circle Area of a circle = π r2 square units
4 Triangle Area of a triangle =1/2 x b x h square units
5 Parallelogram Area of a parallelogram = base × height = b × h square units
6 Isosceles Trapezoid Area of an isosceles trapezoid = 1/2(a+b)h square units
7 Rhombus Area of a rhombus = 1/2 × (d1) x (d2) square units
8 Kite Area of a kite = 1/2 × (d1) x (d2) square units
Area Conversion Calculator
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