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Vector Multiplication Calculator Description

The Concept or way of Multiplying vectors in 2D (2-Dimension)

  • We have 2 vectors where each vector has x and y values like v1 = (x1,y1) and v2 = (x2,y2).
  • For example, the first vector has x,y values (2,3) and the second vector have x,y values (4,5).
  • Now for multiplying these two vectors simply in 2d without any dot or cross products, we just need to multiply x value of first vector with corresponding x value of second vector and y value of first vector with corresponding y value of second vector.
  • (2,3)(4,5) =(2*4,3*5) = (8,15)
  • The resultant vector is (8,15)
  • This is how you can simply solve it manually. But if you want automatic and fast results in seconds then try this calculator.

How to use Vector Multiplication Calculator in 2D

  • Enter x value of both of the vectors in the specified x input field
  • Enter y value of both of the vectors in the specified y input field
  • Click the button solve to see the results
  • The resultant vector having x and y values displayed below.
  • The example calculator result are also listed below.
  • Some More Examples of Vector Multiplication in 2D

  • v1 = (2.3,5.7) , v2 = (4.7,9)
    => (2.3,5.7)(4.7,9)
    => Result = (10.809, 51.30)

  • v1 = (23,57) , v2 = (4,19)
    => (23,57)(4,19)
    => Result = (92 , 1083)

  • v1 = (2,1) , v2 = (5,7)
    => (2,1)(5,7)
    =>Result = (10 , 7)

  • v1 = (-22,41) , v2 = (-5,-7)
    => (-22,41)(-5,-7)
    =>Result = (110 , -287)

  • Vector Multiplication Example:

    Vector Multiplication example
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