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When the identity matrix is produced by multiplying an n-by-n square matrix with its inverse, the matrix is said to be invertible (also known as non-singular or non-degenerate) in linear algebra. In other terms, a matrix that can have its inverse calculated is said to be invertible.

What is An Idempotent Matrix?

An invertible matrix is one for which the inversion of matrix operation exists if the necessary criteria are met. Any square matrix A of order nxn is said to be invertible if another square matrix B of order nxn exists such that AB = BA = In , where In is an identity matrix of order n nx

Invertible Matrix Theorem

A theorem in linear algebra known as the invertible matrix - theorem provides a set of analogous conditions under which a nxn square matrix B might have an inverse. If and only if any of the following equivalent requirements (and thus all of them) hold true, any square matrix B over a field R is invertible.

  • The Matrix B is row-equivalent to the identity matrix In of nxn order.
  • The Matrix B is is column-equivalent to the identity matrix In of nxn order.
  • Matrix B is invertible, meaning that it is non-singular and it has an inverse and neither is unique nor degenerate.
  • Matrix B does not have a zero determinant.
  • AB = In = BA is a property of the n-by-n square matrix B.
  • There is just one simple/trivial solution for the equation Ax = 0, which is x = 0.
  • The columns present in the matrix B form/create a linearly independent set.
  • B has a rank of n.
  • There are 'n' pivot places/positions in matrix B.
  • The columns of matrix B span Rn.
  • The AT transpose matrix can be inverted as well.
  • There exists a matrix M with nxn elements such that MB = In.
  • There exists a matrix N with nxn elements such that NB = In.
  • There is only one answer to the equation Ax = b for each column-vector b in Rn.
  • The columns of matrix B form/create a basis for Rn.
  • B's eigenvalues don't include zero.
  • B's null space has a value of {0}.

Invertible Matrix Properties

An invertible matrix has a number of different characteristics. Following is a list of a few of these:

  • If the given matrix B is non-singular, then so is B-1 (B inverse) and (B-1)-1 = B.
  • If two given matrices, Matrix A and Matrix B are non-singular matrices, then AB is also non-singular and (AB)-1 = B-1 A-1.
  • If the matrix B is non-singular matrix then (BT)-1 = (B-1)T.
  • If two matrices, matrix A and matrix B are matrices with AB = In then matrix A and matrix B are inverses of each other such that. ⇒ AB = I then BA = I. (Let B, B1, and B2 be n × n matrices, the following statements are true.)
  • If a matrix A has an inverse matrix, then it means that there is only one inverse matrix present.
  • If matrix B1 and matrix B2 have inverses, then B1 B2 has an inverse and (B1B2)-1 = A2-1 A1-1
  • If matrix B has an inverse, then x = B-1d is the solution of Bx = d and this is the only solution.
  • The following are comparable:
    (1) B has an inverse.
    (2) det (B) is not zero.
    (3) Bx = 0 implies x = 0.
  • If c is scalar which can be any non-zero number then cB is invertible and (cB)-1 = A-1/c.
  • det B-1 = (det B)-1

How to use check Invertible Matrix Calculator?

  • Firstly, you need to enter the dimension of the matrix. Enter number of rows in "Rows" input field and Enter number of columns in "Columns" input field.
  • Then press the button "Set Matrix".
  • An empty matrix will appear below and then you can enter your values inside the matrix.
  • After entering all the values press "Solve" button, the result will automatically appear below which check whether the matrix is Invertible matrix or not.

Invertible Matrix Example Image:

Invertible Matrix example


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