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A matrix is said to be normal if and only if ATA = AAT
When the conjugate transpose of matrix A with matrix A is commutative in both the pre and post matrix multiplication, the matrix is said to be a normal matrix. In other terms, normal matrices have commutative matrix multiplication with their own conjugate transpose.
The term "Normal Matrix" refers to a generalisation of the matrices unitary, hermitian, skew-hermitian, symmetric, and skew-symmetric.
The ability to diagonalize a normal matrix requires a unitary modal matrix, which indicates that a normal matrix is also called as  unitarily diagonalizable.

What is An Normal Matrix?

If ATA = AAT, where AT is actually the conjugate transpose of A, then a square matrix A of order nxn of complex numbers, that is, A ∈ Cnxn, is said to be a normal matrix.

Properties of Normal Matrix

The Normal matrix has a few intriguing characteristics that are given below and can be used to derive many additional findings in linear algebra.

  • A unitary matrix can diagonalize matrix A, if A is a normal matrix.
  • Normal matrixes are Hermitian matrices.
  • Normal matrixes are skew-Hermitian matrix.
  • Normal matrixes are unitary matrix.
  • Normal matrixes are symmetric and a skew-symmetric
  • It is not necessary for a normal matrix to be Hermitian, skew-Hermitian, unitary, or symmetric.
  • Normal matrixes are orthogonal matrix
  • A set of A's orthonormal eigenvectors in Cn exists if A is normal.
  • If and only if an eigenvalue of a normal matrix sits on the complex plane's unit circle, the matrix is said to be unitary.

How to use check Normal Matrix Calculator?

  • Firstly, you need to enter the dimension of the matrix. Enter number of rows in "Rows" input field and Enter number of columns in "Columns" input field.
  • Then press the button "Set Matrix".
  • An empty matrix will appear below and then you can enter your values inside the matrix.
  • After entering all the values press "Solve" button, the result will automatically appear below which check whether the matrix is Normal matrix or not.

Normal Matrix Example Image:

 Normal Matrix example


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