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Signature Matrix Description


Any matrix with diagonal components that are plus or minus 1, or any matrix with the following format, is referred to as a signature matrix in mathematics.
Such matrices are involutory since each one is its own inverse. As a result, it is the identity matrix's square root. But keep in mind that not every square root of identity is a signature matrix.
Signature matrices are thus orthogonal, taking into account the fact that they are both symmetric and involutory. As a result, any linear transformation that corresponds to a signature matrix is an isometry.
When seen geometrically, signature matrices show a reflection in each of the axes that correspond to the negated rows or columns.

Properties of Signature Matrix:

If B is a matrix of N*N then:

  • -N ≤ tr(B) ≤ N (because of the diagonal values being +1 or -1).
  • B's determinate can either be 1 or -1. (Due to it being diagonal)

How to use check Signature Matrix Calculator?

  • Firstly, you need to enter the dimension of the matrix. Enter number of rows in "Rows" input field and Enter number of columns in "Columns" input field.
  • Then press the button "Set Matrix".
  • An empty matrix will appear below and then you can enter your values inside the matrix.
  • After entering all the values press "Solve" button, the result will automatically appear below which check whether the matrix is Signature Matrix or not.

Signature Matrix Example Image:

Signature Matrix example


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