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Complementary Error Function: complementary error function formula

erfc(z) = 1 - erf(z)

Guass Complementary Error Calculator Explanation


The error function, commonly known as the Gauss error function in mathematics, is a complex function of a complex variable that is defined as
gauss error function formula
A unique (non-elementary) sigmoid function that frequently appears in probability, partial differential equations and statistics is this integral. Numerous of these applications use a real number as the function argument. The value of the function is also real if the function parameter is.

With non-negative values of x, the error function is interpreted in statistics as the likelihood that a random variable Y will fall inside the interval [-x, x] for a normal distribution with mean 0 and standard deviation 1/√2.

The complementary error function (erfc), which is defined as two closely related functions.
erfc(z) = 1 - erf(z)

How to calculate Guass Complementary Error Function with a calculator?

  • You just need to enter the z value in the input field with label "z"
  • The Guass Complementary Error Function result will automatically appear in the specified result block.

More Calculation (Guass Complementary Error Function) Examples

  • z = 2
  • erfc(z) = 0.0046778604187812

  • z = 6.9
  • erfc(z) = 0

  • z = 4
  • erfc(z) = 1.5460295821335E-8

  • z = 1
  • erfc(z) = 0.15729931025241
Guass Complementary Error Function Calculator


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