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In the context of quadratic equations, the discriminant is frequently employed in order to determine the type of roots. There are formulas to get the discriminant of cubic and quadratic equations that simplify our job, even though obtaining a discriminant for any of the polynomial is not that simple.

What is Discriminant in Math?

In mathematics, a polynomial's discriminant is a function of its coefficients. Without actually discovering the solutions, it is useful in figuring out what kind of solutions or answer a polynomial equation has. The word "discriminant" comes from the fact that it distinguishes between the equal and unequal, real and nonreal, solutions to the equation. It is typically indicated with Δ or D. Any real number may be used as the discriminant's value (i.e., either negative, positive or 0).

Discriminant Formula

Discriminant formula: D = b2 - 4ac

D > 0 : 2 Real Solution

D = 0 : 1 Real Solution

D < 0 : 2 Imaginary Solution

How to Find Discriminant?

Simply compare the provided equation to its standard form and figure out the coefficients to discover the discriminant of a cubic or quadratic equation. After that, we change the coefficients in the pertinent formula to determine the discriminant.

How to calculate Discriminant with a calculator?

  • Enter the value of a in the first input field "a".
  • Then, enter the value of b in the second input field "b".
  • Then, enter the value of c in the third input field "c".
  • Then click on submit button, the result will automatically appear below in the result section.

More Calculation Examples (Find Discriminant)

  • Example Number 1
  • a: 2
  • b: 3
  • c: 4
  • D = 32 - 4(2)(4) = -23

  • Example Number 2
  • a: 5
  • b: 6
  • c: 45
  • D = 62 - 4(5)(45) = -864

  • Example Number 3
  • a: 2
  • b: 12
  • c: 8
  • D = 122 - 4(2)(8) = 80


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