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Doubling Time Calculator Description

The formula for calculating Doubling Time is

The formula for calculating Fraction To Percentages is

Doubling Time =
log(2) / log(1+increase)

Example of Calculations:


Increase: 3%

log(2) / log(1+3%)
= 23.44977 periods

Doubling Time Calculator Explanation


A straightforward tool that determines how long it will take for a quantity to double given a constant growth rate is the doubling time calculator, often known as the doubling period calculator. It is a unit of exponential growth since it quantifies how quickly something increases. Its opposite is the half life, a unit that is used to measure exponential decay. Radioactive decay is described by the term "half-life," which indicates how long it takes for something to decay to half its original value.
The term "doubling time" refers to the amount of time required for a quantity to double in value. An amount must increase by a specific amount over time in order to double at some point. A growth rate is used to describe this rise. If this rise remains consistent over all time periods, the growth rate is said to be constant.

Doubling Time Calculation Formula
Doubling Time =
log(2) / log(1+increase)

Manual Calculations

  • Suppose we have an increase value "4" which is actually the constant growth that is expressed as a percentage value.
  • Now take log of 2 which means log(2) = 0.301
  • Now take log of this increase+1 which means log(4%+1)= log(0.04+1)= log(1.04) =0.0170
  • Divide log of 2 with log of increase + 1 which means log(2)/log(4%+1) = 0.301/0.0170 = 17.67 periods

How to use Doubling Time Calculator?

  • You just need to enter the value of increase(constant growth).
  • Then press submit button and doubling time will be calculated and displayed in the specified block.

More Calculation Examples

  • Doubling Time Example 1
  • Increase: 6%
  • Doubling Time =
    log(2) / log(1+6%)
    = 11.895661045942 periods

  • Doubling Time Example 2
  • Increase: 23%
  • Doubling Time =
    log(2) / log(1+23%)
    = 3.3483079086877 periods

  • Doubling Time Example 3
  • Increase: 67%
  • Doubling Time =
    log(2) / log(1+67%)
    = 1.3516287956291 periods

  • Doubling Time Example 4
  • Increase: 55%
  • Doubling Time =
    log(2) / log(1+55%)
    = 1.5816072601561 periods

Doubling Time Calculator


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