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Gamma Stirling Function: Gamma Stirling function formula

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To determine an approximation of a factorial function's value (n! ), apply the Stirling formula, often known as Stirling's approximation formula. Gamma function can also be applied with this. In applied mathematics, Stirling's formula is also utilised. Larger number factorials are simple to find because of using stirling formula. 

Stirling’s Approximation Formula:

The following is the Stirling formula for "n" numbers:
n! ≈ √2π nn+1/2e-n

How to use Gamma Stirling Calculator?

  • You just need to enter the value of z in the input field "z".
  • The result will automatically appear below.

More Calculation Examples (Gamma Stirling Approximation)

  • z: 93
  • ln Γ(z) = 1.2438414054641E+142

  • z: 6.4
  • ln Γ(z) = 240.83376565175

  • z: 63
  • ln Γ(z) = 3.1469973260388E+85

  • z: 8.954
  • ln Γ(z) = 36543.475327208

  • z: 12
  • ln Γ(z) = 39916800
Gamma Stirling Function Calculator


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