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Log Gamma Correction tool is used to calculate log gamma correction value in seconds.

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A nonlinear process called gamma correction is used to encode and decode brightness in digital or video images. On computer (and other digital display) screens, it is utilised to appropriately show brightness. Gamma encoding and decoding are both a part of gamma correction. Gamma encoding uses the way that people perceive luma (brightness) and chroma to optimise the bits used when encoding video or photos (color). Gamma decoding is the process of correcting saved video and images to display tones on your preferred display screen in an accurate manner.
The power-law expression shown below defines gamma correction in the simplest cases:
Vout = AVγin
where the output value Vout is created by multiplying the non-negative and real input value Vin by the constant A and raising it to the power γ. When A = 1, inputs and outputs are typically between 0 and 1.

How to use Log Gamma Correction Calculator?

  • You just need to enter the value of z in the given input field "z".
  • The result will automatically appear below.
  • Note: z value must be greater than 10

More Calculation Examples (Log Gamma Correction)

  • z: 23
  • log gamma correction = 0.0036229602246831

  • z: 56.8
  • log gamma correction = 0.0014671209932072

  • z: 16.4
  • log gamma correction = 0.0050806717333486

  • z: 91
  • log gamma correction = 0.00091574722972538

  • z: 74.896
  • log gamma correction = 0.0011126473798199
Log Gamma Correction Calculator


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