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In mathematics, adding two matrices involves adding the matching entries from each matrix. The order of the given matrices must match in order for matrix addition to work. By order, we mean that the matrices have the same amount of rows and columns. As a result, we can combine the matching matrix elements. On the other hand, matrix addition is impossible if the order is changed.

How do you find the addition of a matrix?

Matrix addition is only possible if both the given matrix has same dimension which means both the matrices which are needed to be added has same number of rows and same number of columns. Addition of matrix is done by adding the corresponding elements of given two matrices. For example we have two matrices A and B given below.

A =
   1    3    5
   7    9    11
   14    3    2
B =
   2    4    6
   8    10    12
   3    5    9

Both the Matrix A and Matrix B has same dimension so it's possible to add these two matrices. Thus

A + B =
   1 + 2    3 + 4    5 + 6
   7 + 8    9 + 10    11 + 12
   14 + 3    3 + 5    2 + 9

A + B =
   3    7    11
   15    19    23
   17    8    11

Finally, it should be noted that adding matrices in any particular sequence is irrelevant; therefore, A + B Equals B + A.

Matrix Addition Example:

Matrix Addition example


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