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One of the operations a matrices can undergo in linear algebra is matrix multiplication, also referred to as matrix multiplication of matrices. The two provided matrices, A and B, can be multiplied if they are both compatible. The binary multiplication of the two matrices given results in the creation of a matrix.
Jacques Philippe Marie Binet is a French mathematician who developed matrix multiplication in 1812 in order to use matrices to express linear maps. In the parts that follow, let's learn how to multiply matrices.

What is Matrix Multiplication?

The binary operation whose output also gives a matrix after multiplication of two matrices is called matrix multiplication.  Matrix multiplication is a term in linear algebra that is only possible when the matrices that are multiply with each other are compatible. The multiplication of the matrices A and B, denoted as AB, cannot be equal to BA, i.e., AB BA, since matrix multiplication, unlike arithmetic multiplication, is typically not commutative. As a result, the order of the matrices matters when two matrix are multiplied.
If there are exactly as many columns in matrix A as there are rows in matrix B, the two matrices are said to be compatible. Accordingly, we can state that matrices A and B are compatible if A is a matrix of order mxn and B is a matrix of order nxp.

How to Multiply Matrices? (Manual Calculations)

  • Making ensuring that the number of rows in the second matrix equals the number of columns in the first matrix is step one (also called compatibility of matrices).
  • The second step entails multiplying the elements of the ith row of the first matrix by the elements of the jth column of the second matrix and then adding the products. This would be the component of the resultant matrix that is in the ith row and jth column.
  • Set the additional products in their proper locations.

How to multiply two matrix with a calculator?

  • You need to enter matrix 1 dimension in the given rows and columns.
  • Then you need to enter matrix 2 dimension in the given rows and columns.
  • After that click on set matrix, the matrix with input dimension appear below.
  • After that click on solve button.
  • The resultant matrix will appear below.

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