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The formula for calculating Fraction To Percentages is

The formula for calculating Cube Root is:
Nth root of x:
Nth root = n√x
x = 27
n = 3
Nth root = 3√27
Nth root = 3

Nth Root Calculator Explanation


The nth root of an integer x in mathematics is a number y that, when raised to the power n, yields x:
Here, n is a positive integer also referred to as the root's degree. The term "square root" refers to a root of degree 2, whereas "cube root" refers to a root of degree 3. Higher degree roots can also be identified by using regular numerals, such as fourth, fifth, twentieth, etc. A root extraction is the process used to determine the nth root.
For example, The square root of 9 is 3, as 32 = 9, and −3 is also a square root of 9, as (−3)2 = 9.

  • √y x √y = y => In this case, the square root is multiplied twice to obtain the initial value.
  • ∛y x ∛y = y => In this case, the cube root is multiplied thrice to obtain the initial value.
  • n√y x n√y ... n√y = y => In this case, the nth root is multiplied nth to obtain the initial value.

Definition of a nth root:

In mathematics, For any real number x and y, if xn = y then x is the nth root of y or n√y = x. The symbol use to define nth root is n√y.

Manual Calculations

  • Suppose we have a number 27.
  • Now we have nth root 3 which is also called the cube root.
  • The nth root (3) of number 27 is n√27, where n=3 which means ∛27 = 3
  • So the nth root (3) of number 27 is 3

How to calculate nth roots with a calculator?

  • You need to enter nth root in the first input field "Root".
  • You need to enter number in the second input field "Number".
  • Then press the button submit. The results "nth root of a number" will automatically appear below in result block.

More Calculation (nth root of a number) Examples

  • Given Number = 625
  • nth Root = 4
  • nth root of a number 625 is => n√y => 4√625 = 5

  • Given Number = 729
  • nth Root = 3
  • nth root of a number 729 is => n√y => 3√729 = 9

  • Given Number = 8192
  • nth Root = 13
  • nth root of a number 8192 is => n√y => 13√8192 = 2

  • 4th root of 64 = 2.8284271247462
  • 5th root of 64 = 2.2973967099941
  • 6th root of 64 = 2
  • 7th root of 64 = 1.8114473285278
  • 8th root of 64 = 1.6817928305074
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