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The formula for calculating Square Root is:
Square root of x:
Square root = √x
x= 4
Square root = √4
Square root = 2

Square Root Calculator Explanation


Square root of a given number is defined as the inverse or opposite operation of squaring a given number. The result of multiplying a number by itself returns its square value, whereas the square root of a number may be found by looking for a number that, when squared, returns the original value. If for example, 'z' is the square root of 'y', it means that z × z = y. It's is obvious that the square of any given number is always a positive value or number. So, it means that every integer have two square roots, one square root for the negative value and other for the positive value. For example, the square roots of 16 are both 4 and -4. However, only the positive value is commonly used to indicate the square root of an integer.

What is Square Root?

The square root of any given number is actually that component of a number which results original number when it is multiplied by itself. The Squares of a number and square roots of a number are called as special exponents. For example, we have a number 16, it means when 4 is multiplied by itself it gives 16 or it can be written as 4x4 = 42. Here the 4 is the number and 2 is it square which is also called as exponent.

Definition of a square root

The value of a number's power 1/2 is its square root. In other words, we can say the number whose multiplication with itself gives the initial or original number. The symbol "√" is used to denote it. The word radical is used for the symbol of square root and the radicand is used to define the value under the square root.

Manual Calculations

  • Suppose we have a 4.
  • When we multiply 2 with itself means 2x2 we get number 4.
  • The Square root of number 4 is √4 which means 2x2=4
  • So the square root of number 4 is 2

How to calculate square roots with a calculator?

  • You need to enter number in the first input field "Number".
  • The results "square root of a number" will automatically appear below.

More Calculation (Square root of a number) Examples

  • Given Number = 25
  • Square root of a number 25 is => √25
  • 5 x 5 = 25 and √25 = 5

  • Given Number = 49
  • Square root of a number 49 is => √49
  • 7 x 7 = 49 and √49 = 7

  • Given Number = 100
  • Square root of a number 100 is => √100
  • 10 x 10 = 100 and √100 = 10

  • Square root of 64 = 8
  • Square root of 2 = 1.4142135623731
  • Square root of 121 = 11
  • Square root of 100 = 10
  • Square root of 25 = 5
  • Square root of 16 = 4
  • Square root of 400 = 20
  • Square root of 4 = 2
  • Square root of 81 = 9
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