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The formula for calculating Specific Gravity is

Specific Gravity =
Density / 1000

If Specific Density is less than 1: The substance will float in cold freshwater.

If Specific Density is exactly 1: The substance will be neutrally buoyant in cold freshwater.

If Specific Density is greater than 1: The substance will sink in cold freshwater.

Example of Calculations:

Density : 23 kg/m3

Specific Gravity =
23 / 1000
= 0.023 (The substance will float in cold freshwater.)

Substance Specific Gravity
Balsa Wood 0.2
Oak Wood 0.75
Ethanol 0.78
Olive Oil 0.91
Ice 0.91
Depleted uranium 19.1
Vodka 0.9498
Aluminium 2.7
Water 1
Blood 1.06
Table Salt 2.17
Iron 7.87
Cement 3.15
Copper 8.96
Lead 11.35
Mercury 13.56
Gold 19.3
Osmium 22.59
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